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Welcome to iPad Wallpaper, internet’s number one source of exclusive iPad background skins and wallpapers. Our iPad wallpapers ignites enthusiasm and interest.Besides these, iPad version specific background wallpapers, our site also include the top downloaded wallpapers section as a plus to the latest released wallpapers for your iPad. Every single wallpaper is delivered with utmost quality in terms of resolution, look and theme.

From a wide range of themes including fantasy, games, holidays, art, automotives etc, our wallpapers, background pictures for iPad will ensure that you get the high definition and true color downloads.

iPadWallpaper specializes in delivering the utmost quality of iPad pictures directly taken as photograph or graphically developed. Therefore, we have backgrounds and wallpapers that have no match anywhere. Our technical team has ensured the quality at pixel levels so that once you download them on your iPad it can make a robust experience for you.